A women leader Molding the future of Lokesh Machines.

08 Mar 2023 By Admin

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurial engineers, and as a child, I always dreamed of leading our family business, Lokesh Machines Ltd. My father, grandfather, and uncle's dedication and work ethic inspired me, and I was determined to follow in their footsteps. As a director and third-generation entrepreneur, my role has been both overwhelming and fulfilling. I have taken on responsibilities in diversification, growth management, and administration.

Initially, I struggled and was too proud to seek guidance. I learned the importance of having experienced mentors and role models, and I did not hesitate to ask my father for help. His guidance helped me rebuild my confidence and ability to take risks.

Gender norms in our culture have led to the perception that women are unsuited for leadership positions. While this viewpoint is evolving, it often leads to disputes and rifts in the lives of female entrepreneurs. It is crucial that families, investors, and society as a whole actively work to break down these gender barriers so that businesswomen can truly shine.

On this Women's Day, let's celebrate and honor the brave, resilient, and unapologetically authentic women in our lives. Let's show our pride in their accomplishments and dedication to creating a world free of gender barriers and injustices for women.

Thank you.