Universal Precision Turning Centre Manufacturing Medium Sizede Workpieces Using European Cutting Edge Technology

Salient features

  • Extremely solid machine bed, highest thermostability
  • Top processing precision
  • State of the art control technology with Sinumerik 828D or Fanuc Oi TD with ShopTurn and ManualGuide i, respectively

Description (Units)

Model - EMCOTURN E45
Work Area
Swing over bed mm 540
Swing over cross slide mm 360
Distance (spindle nose - centre) mm 680
Maximum turning diameter mm 310
Maximum part length mm 520
Maximum bar stock diameter mm 65
Travel in X axis mm 210
Travel in Z axis mm 610
Main Spindle
Speed Range Rpm 0-4200
Drive Performance Kw 18
Spindle Torque Nm 192
Spindle nose DIN 55026 - A2-6
Spindle Bearing (inner diameter at front) mm 100
Spindle bore mm 73
Resolution - 0.001°
Rapid motion speed Rpm 1000
Spindle indexing (disc brake) - 0.01°
Tool turret
No. of tool positions No. 12
Tool holding shaft in accordance with VDI (DIN 69880) mm 30
Tool cross-section for square tools mm 20x20
Shank diameter for boring bars mm 32
Turret/Tool indexing time Sec 0.2
Driven tools DIN 5480
No. of driven stations No. 12
Drive performance Kw 5
Torque Nm 20
Speed range Rpm 0-5000
Feed drives
Feed force in X/Z axis N 5000/7000
Position variation PS in accordance with VDI 3441 in X/Z mm 0.003/0.0035
Automatic tailstock
Maximum thrust N 8000
Quill bore taper - MK 4
Coolant system
Tank volume Ltrs 230
Pump performance at 3.5 bar Kw 0.57
Volume pumped at 3.5 bar / 1 bar Ltr/Min 15/65
Hydraulic unit
Multiple circuit hydraulics forclamping device - Max. 50 bar
Dimensions and weight
Height of centres above floor mm 1100
Machine height mm 1880
Required space for machine (LXD) mm 2852x1722
Total weight Kg 4300
Compact Load
Bar length mm 150-1100
Bar diameter mm 8-65
Material storage mm 45
Length mm 1700
Width mm 1100
Weight Kg 500

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